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This website uses cookies that remember your preferences and make navigating on Erotouch.eu easier. With these cookies we can analyze the behavior of visitors and improve our website. In addition, third parties such as Google Analytics, Tapfiliate and Hotjar also place cookies for data collection to improve our website Erotouch.eu

Below you can read more about what cookies are and what cookies we use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. These small text files remember your surfing behavior and this is stored on your computer. You can find the cookies in the temporary internet files folder. Your browser checks when visiting a website if these files are there and if so what your settings are.

Cookies give Erotouch insight into how you use our website. This way we can improve our website and ensure that you get more relevant information. We also use the cookies for marketing purposes.

We can use the cookies that we collect for the following purposes:

  • Analytical purposes: To analyze and improve the use of the Erotouch website.
  • Social media purposes: To share information that connects to you via various social media channels.
  • Promotional purposes: To make offers that are relevant outside the Erotouch website. The offers are linked to the services of Erotouch and are personalized based on your behavior on our website as viewed pages.

When the cookies are turned off, the experience and functioning of the Erotouch website may be disappointing.

Which cookies does Erotouch use

At Erotouch we use the following cookies:

Necessary cookies

NamePlaced byExpires afterWhich purpose
CookieConsent Erotouch 1 year Saves the cookie status of the user for the current domain.
PrestaShop* Erotouch 14 days Cookie for the functioning of the website
PHPSESSID Erotouch Termination session Cookie for the functioning of the website

Analytical cookies

NamePlaced byExpires afterWhich purpose
_ga Google Analytics 2 years Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the website.
_gid Google Analytics Termination session Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistics about how the visitor uses the website.
_gat Google Analytics Termination session Through these cookies we analyze activities on our website so that we can improve our product pages. We share this information with Google.

Marketing cookies

NamePlaced byExpires afterWhich purpose
IDE Google/Doubleclick 2 years With this cookie we look at which pages you visit on our website, so that we can show you relevant advertisements via, for example, our partner websites. We share this information with Double Click (part of Google).
NID Google 6 months This cookie keeps track of your preferences for Google websites and allows you to share articles via Google+. Google also shows you relevant advertisements through this cookie. We share this information with Google.
tap_vid Tapfiliate 1 year Measuring conversion. This anonymous information is used to determine which affiliate partner you are from. Only available if you visit our webshop via an affiliate partner.

Other / unforeseen cookies

Because of the way the internet and websites work, it may be that we do not always have insight into the cookies that third parties place on our website. This is especially the case if our web pages contain so-called embedded elements; these are texts, documents, pictures or films that are stored with another party, but which are shown on, in or via our website.

If you find cookies on Erotouch.eu that fall into this category and that we have not mentioned above, please let us know. You can also contact the third party directly and ask which cookies they place, what the reason is, what the lifespan of the cookie is and how they have guaranteed your privacy.

Remove and refuse cookies

You can delete already placed cookies via the browser settings of your browser. You can also refuse to place new cookies here. The way you have to do this differs per browser. If necessary, you can consult the help function of your browser. Disabling the cookies has consequences for the computer and browser in question and on which you set this.

Change of statement

Erotouch reserves the right to make changes to this statement. We advise you to consult this statement regularly so that you are always aware of the content.

This statement was last modified on May 1, 2018.

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