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Spencer & Fleetwood Willie Measuring Stick

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Willie measuring stick in inches and centimetres.


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Willie measuring stick in inches and centimetres.

Measure up against this astonishingly accurate Willie Measuring Stick!

Many a hen-night game can be created with this single cheeky toy: The Willie Measuring Stick. Instigate some mischief with a game of dares. Confronting random men and introducing them to the Willie Measuring Stick could be quite tricky! How are you going to bring it up and will they rise to the challenge?

Goodness knows what reactions will be incurred as the consumption of cocktails continues, but it's important that the bride-to-be has some point of comparison before she commits herself to a lifetime with one man! Is that so much to ask?

The Willie Measuring stick is shaped like a cheeky willie and will testify what you're worth, ranging from ‘teeny weeny’ and 'lightweight' right up to 'porn star'. One-size fits all... hopefully. So if you want to know where your willie stands in the grand scheme of things, find out with a Willie Measuring Stick. Be prepared to face the truth though: it may be rather upsetting for those who don't make the grade!

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