Welcome to our Erotouch affiliate program department!

We would like to introduce ourselves to your first! We are a erotic company based in The Netherlands and we are always searching for the latest products and buy our products worldwide to offer a wide varied range off adult toys.

Our catalog is updated daily with the latest products that are available on the market. Because we buy from various suppliers in- and outside Europe, the assortiment changed daily so customers can discover almost every day new products.

We have several links and banners to promote our webshop, you can also promote our webshop through social media channels or newsletters. If a customer places an order at our webshop through a banner or link on your website, then you will receive 10% of the total amount, exclusive of applicable taxes and shipping costs.

Because the customer 14 days statutory reconsideration period the commission will be credited after 14 days, but you can see immediately the commissionin your statistics.

If you have a balance of € 50 or more you can make a request so we can transfer the money to your bank account.

Statistics and reports!

Please log in at any time for your performance data from sales, generated traffic and watch your commission balance.

Erotouch Partner Program
Partner Program Commission Type 10% for every sale you generate
Payout Threshold € 50.- Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount Policy Not active

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For our partner program, we work with Tapfiliate, payments by VXM Retail V.O.F. conducted our parent company via your chosen method of payment.

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